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For The Explorer In Everyone

We made JACK The Bike Rack fit as many bikes as we could, so that whatever bike you ride* you can use JACK to carry whatever you need, wherever you want.



For UK, EU and USA customers

Who's JACK


JACK cantilevers neatly over your front wheel without the need for special fork or frame fixings, so its’s a perfect match to almost any bike.


JACK firmly hooks onto your bike’s handlebars using two climbing strength woven straps. You don’t need a single bike tool to attach or detach JACK and it take less than a minute from bike to bike.


Made from high grade 304 Stainless Steel, JACK can carry your things, whatever they may be. It’s officially rated for 5KG* however we know it is capable of much much more.

*Rating is given based on bike handling, not product failure testing.


For anything from hardcore bikepacking to local grocery shopping. JACK never fails to carry what you need, wherever you’re taking it.

Best damn new accessory of the year.

PathLessPedaled - YouTube

Russ -pathlesspedaled

Every now and then, somebody produces a product where you think, "What a great idea; I wish I'd thought of that; it's so simple." JACK the Bike Rack fits that bill perfectly. With no tools required, it fits on your bars quickly and offers a cargo platform pretty much regardless of what type of bike you have. off.road.cc

Patrick Joscelyne

Jack the bike rack is ingenious. The nearly universal fit is going to be a gamechanger for people who are basket-curious or battle with their front tire rubbing their handlebar bag and don’t have any mounting points to use a more traditional front rack. bikepacking.com

Miles Arbour

JACK was a doddle to fit, holds all sorts of odd and heavy bits, adds to the look of my bike, and just loves a good adventure!

DT Teacher & Bavarian Bikepacker – Munich

Jeremy Ireland

I've been lucky enough to have an early play with an early sample, it's quite a versatile thing!

Event organiser & mountain muncher – Hebden Bridge

Emma Osenton

He’s perfecto for cycling to meetings. Gone are the days that I arrive to meetings with a big sweaty patch on my back!

Cycling City Slicker - London

Orlando Gibbons

JACK is the best audax buddy you’ll ever have - carries all the kit with no complaint and isn’t one to hang around faffing.

Architect & Ultra-endurance Nutter – London

Josh Murphy

I’ve had the pleasure to use JACK prototype for the past few weeks… biggest achievement so far: JACK carried my 5 year old daughter’s pink princess bicycle across town.

Graphic Designer & Round town dad - Shanghai

Stijn Druyts

Jack is revolutionary for the bikepacking world

Gustavo Ramirez

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