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Got a burning question? Something about JACK you don’t understand? Quick FAQs here.


Q - How much weight can JACK take?

A - JACK has been designed, lab and real world tested to carry a maximum of 5kg. However, at your own risk, and depending on your terrain (smoother road surface = more weight possible) you can load him up with more. BUT your handling will become significantly negatively affected so we don’t recommend it.


Q - How do I fit JACK to my bike?

A – Check our installation video here: (coming soon)


Q - Can I fit JACK to carbon handlebars and Stems?

A - Yes you can. But as with anything carbon you should inspect it regularly for any signs of excessive wear.


Q - Is JACK compatible with my bike?

A - JACK is compatible with almost any bike that has either a 31.8mm, 25.4mm or 22.2mm handlebar stem clamping area (90% of the old and new bicycles made). Definitely more than any other front bike rack we know of. However, there are also certain spacing requirements. These can be found in the compatibility diagrams on the product page.


Q - What happens if JACK breaks?

A - In the extraordinary case this happens firstly, send us a picture of how you broke it. It will be an achievement! Secondly, if something does break or wear out we will hold replacements for every part. The price will be fair for them and they are very easily replaced.

If a straps break while you’re in the middle of nowhere, you should be able to use any straps, wire, cloth, whatever to replace them and still get back to civilisation. We’ve designed JACK to be easily retrofittable with whatever you have lying around, if the worst does happen.


Q - What’s ‘included in the box’?

A - JACK (the rack) with removable fabric base. Two 31.8mm handlebar shims. Two 25.4mm handlebar shims. Two 22.2mm handlebar shims. Two taper shims for the 25.4mm tapper to 22.2mm handlebars. Five stem load straps, XS, S, M, L & XL. One adjustable steerer retention strap with 0-Ring and rubber strap tidies. Two 1.2m bungee straps with snake head buckles. Two carabiners. Instruction manual.


Q - Where is JACK made?

A - JACKs made in China where the China based side of WholeGrain Cycles is located. Our manufacturing partners are all pretty good at what they do, have good working conditions and can make JACK to a high quality, but not out of reach price-wise.


Anything missing? Shoot us an email and we will get back to you.